My interest in Morris Minor convertibles began when I was looking to buy my first car at the age of 18.  The cheapest car in that week’s local newspaper was a 1958, grey, minor convertible whose character was described by its name - Mr Rusty.  True to its name it lasted for seven months, until it was MOT time, and with lean college days looming the partnership ended.

Seven years later, having got used to the monotony of a standard issue company Cortina, I wished to brighten up my weekend motoring with a cheap-to-run, practical and nostalgic vehicle.  So why not another Morris convertible?  So I got one.  When its MOT was due that following winter, floor and paint repairs were obviously necessary.  Later, after an unplanned full restoration, finances were low, so a quick sale followed and the idea of a profession was planted.

The name of "Canterbury Convertibles" was conceived in a launderette during a conversation with a lady whilst watching our respective washing going around and around.  This was 30 years ago.  Now I always have around six original factory built, Morris Minor convertibles for sale at any one time.  They are fully serviced from bumper to bumper, have a new MOT and are ready for reliable daily use.

The price range varies from £3000 up to £12,500.  At £3000 what you get for your money is a fully serviced example, which is solid though not necessarily tidy.  At £4000 they will be tidy, with very good examples from £5750.  Fully restored examples, which are perfect, are at £12,500.

 I offer a "delivery to your door" service if required.  If you are visiting from the continent I can collect you from Dover harbour, which is 20 minutes away.  If you wish to travel by rail I can pick you up from Adisham railway station, which is five minutes away. I am open any time and would appreciate appointments as this helps me to plan the days and make sure I'm here for you.

If you would like to buy a good "value for money" convertible do get in touch.  Part of my job is to make sure you remain happy with your purchase.

Mark Havard.